Jigyasu is an educational startup with "Learning By Doing'

as its guiding principle. Founded by Mr. Satwik Das, an IIT

Kharagpur Alumunus.

We bring science from textbooks into realm of live and physical experience


We focus on creating memories and stimulating thoughts which can

be put to action. Our experiments and our content are designed to

create action- result pairs in students mind that will help them piece

together the concepts and dive deeper into the subject.




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Physical Experience

Learning Engagements



For Schools

  • Foster a culture of 'Learning by Doing'

  • Engaged Students, Better Outcomes.

For Teachers

  • Fun way to reach students of varying abilities

  • More tools to illustrate concepts

  • Classroom will have more two-way communications

  • Easy course completion and easy revision

For Students

  • Learn in a way that comes naturally to humans

  • Deeper understanding, Longer retention

  • Inculcate creativity to combine multiple concepts together.


In my 14 years of teaching experience, I found that introducing physical objects into the hands of students dramatically improved their learning experience and hence outcomes. It seemed obvious that rules of physical sciences can best be understood by interacting with physical objects themselves.


Yet this natural way of learning is missing in our education system. To bridge this gap, we have set up a R&D lab dedicated to create science models and experiments.


These curated experiments should be provided to students while they are being taught related concepts in classrooms. Doing so piques their curiousity and leads to

the most wholesome form of learning.



Satwik Das

Arun Elassery

Manoj Sarangi

Chairman & CEO

Pedagogy Partner

Head of Engineering

Lipi Das

Director Marketing & Operations

Pratyush Roshan Pattnaik

Product Head

Contact Us

Lipi Das

+91 7760233222

Address: HIG Duplex #44, Sailashree Vihar, Opp to DAV CSPUR, BBSR- 751024

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