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Physical Experience

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 600 experiments and demonstration models in Physics which are mapped to the curriculum of Grades 6-12


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We work to demonstrate raw science, bringing the textbook concepts and examples to life. 


Students can tinker and build their own models and experiments. We provide the facilities and any technical help required.

Learning Engagement

Activity Sheet

Designed activities and questions that will lead to deeper understanding of the topic and links with the textbook concepts,exercises.

Mapped Questions

The activities and experiments mapping with the questions in textbooks/entrance exams.


Online Learning videos for students and teachers


For Schools

  • Foster a culture of 'Learning by Doing'

  • Engaged Students, Better Outcomes.

For Teachers

  • Two way communication 

  • Access to Resources/Tools Training 

  • Faster course completion

For Students

  • 500+ physical experiments

  • Reference to Curriculum

  • Online learning videos

  • Exposure to Cutting edge technology

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